Making Snow Days Manageable

We provide snow removal service in and around Buffalo, NY

Snow days lose their magic when you're the one shoveling the parking lot of your business. In fact, a couple of feet of snow could close you down for the day. Luckily, Buffalo Snowplowing & Lawn Care Inc offers snow removal services in Buffalo, NY and all of the western part of the state. We're available 24/7 to clear parking lots and salt icy sidewalks. We can even handle emergency services to save iced-in vehicles.

Ask about our snow removal services now by calling (716) 466-2062.

Clear away troublesome snow and ice

Clear away troublesome snow and ice

If someone slips on your property, you could be facing a lawsuit. It's best to avoid issues with snow plowing services. Our team has your entire property covered. We can clear snow and ice from:

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks

We use safe, non-toxic chemicals on all surfaces to protect you, your employees and your customers. Book salting and snow plowing services in or around Buffalo, NY today.